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Davey Mac Sports Program

Aug 27, 2014

Pete Rose banned for a quarter-century, Johnny Football fined, Mike Francesa weirdness, leprechauns, MLB postseason predictions, the Loch Ness Monster, Tiger Woods silliness, the Bermuda Triangle, Richie Incognito, all evidence points to the fact that we were visited thousands of years in the past by Ancient Aliens, and...

Aug 21, 2014

Fantasy Football silliness, lepers, talented children, Johnny Football, LeBron, mucous, Crazy Horse, and more fantasticness on this awesome episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

Aug 13, 2014

Inane people, the Yankees, porn people, magic and mayhem, plotting evilness, the NFL, and more excellence on this inspiring episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!

Aug 8, 2014

The guys return from collective rehab, Kevin Love & LeBron James, Tom Coughlin, ESPN shenanigans, Hard Knocks, goodness and badness, Evil Things, babies, the Garden State Parkway, and more AWESOMENESS on this spectacular episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!