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Davey Mac Sports Program

Sep 29, 2011

Dave talks the Baseball, the Football, the Money Ball!! Pepper falls in love with a man named Ryan Fitzpatrick!!!!  Sean-o spells words correktly!!!!! And Roy Shaffer tickles the ivory pickles!!!!!!

Sep 22, 2011

Dave talks the Footbal, The Boxing, The Baseball, and The Lacorsse!!!!!  Pepper chokes to death on a pork sandwich, but is then comes back to life after Roy Schaefer lays hands on him!!!! Sean-o drinks Sam Adams!!!! And ROY SCHAFER GIVES LIFE TO THE DEAD!!!!!!

Sep 15, 2011

We talk NFL, The US Open, MLB and the Fatso!!!!!  Pepper falls in love with Meg White and the SkinnyMan water cooler!!!! Roy plays his RED keyboard!!!!!!  And Sean-o drinks 17 Schaefers!!!!!!!

Sep 8, 2011

Dave talks Tennis, the Nascar, and most importantly... THE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!  Pepper falls in love with Roy Schaefer, but then quickly falls out of love with him!!  Sean-o proves he is the man of 1000 voices!!!!!!  And Roy gets to talk about Freeman McNeil!!!!

Sep 1, 2011

Dave talks the Yankee Red Sox rivalry, the US Open, the NBA Lockout, the college sports and much much more!!!! Pepper falls in love with Dicky's best friend Stevie!!!!!  Sean-o searches the internets!!!  And Roy plays the Bass and the Keyboard AT THE SAME...