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Davey Mac Sports Program

Jun 30, 2011

Dave talks Wimbelton, Josh Hamelton's inability to buy sunglasses, and how Donney Baseball's mustache could solve this great nation's deficit!!!  Pepper falls in love with a kitten!!!  Sean-o drinks PBR!!!  And Roy wears a hat currently outlawed in Germany!!

Jun 23, 2011

Dave talks about Rory Macilory, Joe Buck, the new baseball playoff system, Russian soccer, and Rod Roddy!! Pepper wears his sequence covered sports jacket!!!  Sean-o drinks Schaefer!!!! And Roy is dubbed the #3 Roy in the top 5 Roys of all time!!!!!!!

Jun 16, 2011

Dave talks about the NBA finals, LeBron and D-Wade's post game shenanigans, and the Derek Jeter conspiracy theory!!!! Pepper falls in love!!!!  Sean-o drinks Heineken!!!  And Roy is Beloved!!!!  WOOT!!!

Jun 12, 2011

On the Davey Mac Sports Program we talked about the NBA finals. We talked about the aftermath of the Kentucky Derby. We talked about a swim coach getting into trouble. We made...

Jun 9, 2011

Davey Mac talks about the NBA Finals, infamous Tennis rivalries, various facts about Baseball, the NFL, and Sesame Place!!  Pepper predicts the end of the world!!  Special celebrity guest phone call!!  Sean-o wears a hat!!!!!!  And Roy laughs a lot in the...