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Davey Mac Sports Program

Jul 27, 2011

FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY!!!! Dave talks the Football, the Baseball, he takes your emails, and talks the NASCAR... kinda!!!  Pepper falls in love with Mike Francesa!!  Sean-o is promoted to Sports Apprentice, then quickly demoted!! Roy is nominated for the new Sports Apprentice position!!!!

Jul 20, 2011

Dave talks the Women's World Cup Soccer, The untimely death of Nolan Ryan (allegedely), Yankees, Red Sox and Devil Rays, as well as the MLS All Stars vs. Man U!!!!!  Pepper buys a puppy!!!  Sean-o has a doppleganger!!! And Roy gets tricked..... AGAIN!!!!

Jul 14, 2011

Dave rips into the Homerun Derby, The Allstar Game, Joe Buck, Timbi, James Harrison, and the NY Mets!!!  Pepper learns the true meaning of Christmas!!! Sean-o is forced to give up the mic for a very special guest star!!!!! And Roy forgets his catch phrase!!!

Jul 7, 2011

Dave talks Wimbelton, The MLB All Star Game, Derek Jeter, Boxing, and driving without AC while undressed!!!  Pepper talks about his summers in Aspen as a child!!!  Sean-o becomes the new MMA corespondent!!!  And Roy gets a catch phrase!!!!!